How I Work

“Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate” – Carl G. Jung


I see counselling space as an invitation to engage into the process of sharing and exploring what is going on for you. It offers a safe and confidential environment in order to do that. Often talking alone helps to feel different and see your experiences in a different light. My primary role is to help you gain more awareness of the situation you are in. It means making sense of your behaviors, emotions or thoughts that you can not explain or yet understand. It can briefly be called turning unconscious into conscious. It leads us into identifying reasons to what is manifesting in the here and now of your life and how it connects to the past events in your life.

Increased awareness often can lead us into emotional processing of what you found hard to process or integrate at an earlier stage in your life e.g. trauma, loss. This can often be painful and lengthy, but potentially transforming. As in due time you can get to know yourself more intimately: name and work with parts of your personality (see Subpersonalities, Shadow work), uncover beliefs internalised in the past (see Wounding). This can get you closer to changing old worn behaviors or patterns that do not serve anymore. From there you can identify more clearly things that are holding you back and the change that is needed in order for you to develop and achieve your goals.

Although my training is in transpersonal therapy I draw on variety of other psychological approaches and use different techniques depending on an individual client. Even though we primarily engage in talking therapy, I believe certain aspects of our personal experience can not be processed on a mind level only. Therefore I do aim to address levels of body and emotion as well. I often encourage clients to draw their emotions or parts of themselves, work with an imagery, felt body sense, visualisations.

My specific interest lies in exploration of relationship difficulties and family dynamics that oftentimes lead to exploration of individual’s childhood.